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Board of Commissioners agenda, 6 p.m. July 7 at city hall
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A. Roll call

B. Award presentation: Chief Lanier Swafford - employee recognition
Opening presentation: Elaine Cannon - NOA program update

C. Pledge of Allegiance

D. Announcements

E. Approval of minutes

• Minutes of the special called meeting held on June 9

• Minutes of the voting session held on June 16

F. Approval of the agenda

G. Public comment (three minute limit/person 15 minutes maximum)

1. Rory Puckett - Etowah Valley Sporting Clays

H. Alcohol license hearings

1. Consumption beer and wine license: Maxime Capital LLC d/b/a Johnny's New York Style Pizza and Subs

2. Retail package beer and wine: Somya LLC

I. Zoning: None

J. Public hearings

1. Proposed right of way ordinance (First of two hearings)

K. Old business: None

L. New business

1. Approval of the Dawson County Points of Distribution Plan

2. Approval of the transfer station refuse trailer bid

3. Approval to surplus vehicles and equipment

4. Approval to collect 911 surcharge on pre-paid wireless services

5. Approval of the government center cornerstone

6. Approval of the government center FF&E bid

7. Board appointments:

• Library board: Ragin Hause

• Board of elections and registration: Glenda Ferguson, chairman

• Health Board: Gaye Cantrell

10. Approval to send GDOT the LMIG letter regarding War Hill Park Road

11. Ratification of Agreement with BOE regarding the use of school buses for Dawson Day 2011: Sparks in the Park

12. Proposed settlement agreement with Etowah Valley Sporting Clays

M. Adjournment

N. Public comment