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Teenage Republicans active in community
Jr. Republicans pic
From left, Jake Baudin, vice chairman of the Dawson County Teenage Republicans, Lora Brown, treasurer of the Dawson County Teenage Republicans, Emily Stowers, secretary of the Dawson County Teenage Republicans and Cody Hall, chairman of the Dawson County Teenage Republicans at the Dawson County Senior Republican Party meeting on Sept. 16. Hall, founder of the club, introduced the newly elected leadership of the Teenage Republicans. - photo by Photo/Submitted

Cody Hall, a 14-year-old freshman at Dawson County High School, founded the Teenage Republican club this year to recruit politically-like-minded teenagers to become active in the community, to become educated on the issues and to support the Dawson County Senior Republican Party, as well as the state and national republican leadership.



“I want to get my generation involved in helping out with the community. It’s never too early to care. We have to care, about our future and the people around us. Getting involved in this way, is the beginning of caring about the people around us and our nation,” said Hall, who is the chairman of the Dawson County Teenage Republicans.  “I believe no matter how young we are, we can all make a difference, if we apply ourselves.”



Hall became interested in politics at age 12. He firmly believes the republican-brand of politics best represents his own beliefs and is the best ideology to lead America. 



“The Republican Party has always been the party of the individual. It helps you by keeping you safe and letting you make your own way in life. The government doesn’t control your every action. We need a Republican president because we live in times that call for republican ideals in both the economy and foreign policy,” explained Hall. 



The Teenage Republican club has generated quite a bit of buzz around the community.



Over 25 teenagers attended the first meeting, which, according to Hall, is a great turnout for an initial meeting. Hall also recruited Clint Smith, chairman of the Senior Republican Party in Dawson County, to oversee the club and guide them in the right direction.



“As chairman, one of my responsibilities is to support auxiliary groups that support the Republican Party. I look forward to providing the Teenage Republicans with opportunities to be active. We will teach them how to register people to vote and will invite them to come and speak at our meetings,” said Smith.



Smith believes the Teenage Republicans can make a real difference in raising awareness for republican agendas, even though most of them will not be old enough to vote in the upcoming presidential race.



“The intent is for teenagers in the high school to get engaged politically, help get republican candidates get elected, educate fellow students on political issues and to encourage rising seniors to vote,” said Smith.



As of now, the Teenage Republican club is scheduled to help campaign with the Senior Republicans at the Moonshine Festival Oct. 25-26. The club will hand out flyers to raise awareness about the upcoming presidential election. 



This club, and others like it, could serve as a political-incubator, where the next generation of politically-minded young adults are being hatched. Hall, though steadfastly a republican, would also like to see teenagers of all political persuasions get more involved.



“Our kind of work is not just for kids with republican ideals, but for kids who are democrats and independents, too. They should all get involved and let those around them know they are here, they care and stand for something,” said Hall.