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Summer retests come back
System falls short of AYP
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Results from summer retest scores at the high school have confirmed that the Dawson County School System did not meet Adequate Yearly Progress.


Under the federal No Child Left Behind standards, all Dawson County schools except the high school met AYP requirements, but the school’s failure to do so affected the entire system.


Subgroups of students who came up short on the Georgia High School Graduation Test in the areas of math and language arts were retested during the summer.


Superintendent Keith Porter said the system “needed five of our economically disadvantaged students to pass and only had three to do so.”


Porter said changes to the tests at the state level “very likely impacted our scores.


He added that No Child Left Behind standards are “reaching unattainable levels.”


Results released last month from the state department of education indicated that 71 percent of schools made AYP this year — a drop of 8 percent from last year’s numbers.


Systems that don’t meet the mark for AYP for two straight years are designated as Needs Improvement systems.


Porter said the local system will need to pay extra attention to the economically disadvantaged subgroup.


“The numbers in that group are rising. There are more kids in the economically disadvantaged subgroup than we ever had before,” he said.