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Student makes effort to better community
Bishop Awarded pic
Dawson County High School Freshman Becca Bishop stands with some of the flowers that she grows. - photo by Photo/Submitted

Becca Bishop, 14, is heavily active in community-life in Dawson County.

As a Girl Scout, Bishop has participated in a number of local community-service projects.

The Dawson County High School freshman also took home first place in the Plant and Soil Science category of the 4-H Project in March for designing an underground fencing system to protect flowerbeds and gardens from voles, small herbivore animals that kill flowers by eating away the buds and stems.

“She’s a fine and outstanding young lady,” said Clark Beusse, the extension coordinator for Dawson County, who served as one of the judges of the 4-H project. 

Most recently, Bishop completed a community-service project at Riverview Middle School to earn the Silver Award for Girl Scouts.

“We saved a flowerbed,” said Bishop. “We planted over 100 flowers and trees.”

Bishop plans on continuing with the Girl Scouts and competing again in next year’s 4-H Project.

The 4-H Program is the largest youth organization in Dawson County, with close to 500 4-H members. It is also one of the oldest youth organizations in the nation. It began in Georgia about 100 years ago.

“It’s very popular in every state and even around the world,” explained Beusse.

Bishop’s love of nature shapes how she wishes to contribute to her hometown. She aims to spruce up the community by planting flowers and trees and hopes her underground fencing system helps fellow gardeners protect their own flowers and produce. 

“I’ve grown up doing gardening. I love watching things grow. It’s exciting to start with a seed and end up with a plant. It’s something that’s been done throughout the ages. It’s nice to know it’s still going on, to be a part of it and share it with the community,” said Bishop.

Bishop’s accomplishments are a source of great pride for her parents.

“We are just so proud of all she does. She is a very special and talented girl,” said Joan Bishop, her mother. “I can’t wait to see what she does next.”