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SAT scores show steady hold for state, national decline
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Dawson County High School is right there with the rest of the state in regards to SAT scores.

Scores are up in the county for math and writing, but down for reading.

In math, Dawson's mean score is 484, up from 474.

In writing, the mean score in Dawson is 471, up from 469.

The mean score in Dawson for critical reading is 497, down from 503.

The school is above or comparable to the state average, but below the national level.

The state average mean score is 475 for math, 490 for writing and 485 for reading.

"The SAT is designed to assess a student's academic readiness for college. Dawson County High School, under the leadership of Mr. Richard Crumley, strives daily to meet the academic needs of our students.

The results that we see on a yearly basis are a combined effort of our faculty, staff and parents," said Dawson County School Superintendent Damon Gibbs. "We work and live in a wonderful community that places great importance on the education of its children."

Dawson County is currently outperforming neighboring Hall County and Gainesville school systems.

Hall County's average mean score is at 455 for math, 473 for writing and 476 for reading.

Gainesville's average mean scores are 446 for math, 450 for writing and 457 for reading.

However, Dawson County still has some catching up to do with Forsyth and Lumpkin counties.

Forsyth County's average mean score is 534 for math, 529 for reading and 514 for writing.

Lumpkin County's scores are 514 for math, 512 for reading and 493 for writing.

Statewide, Georgia SAT scores improved this year, but still fell short of national averages.

Almost 77 percent of the 2015 class in Georgia took the test.

Mean scores in reading are up to 490 from 488, compared to 495 nationally; writing is up to 475 from 472, compared to 484 nationally; and math remained steady at 485, compared to 511 nationally.