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Riverview plans changes
Main hallway to get murals
RVES Changes pic
Riverview Elementary Principal Julia Mashburn shows off the schools new eagle statue and donated pedestal. - photo by David Renner Dawson Community News

In the center of Riverview Elementary School stands an intersection where the entrance meets the media center and splits into two wings for classrooms.

Thanks to some donations and grant money, Riverview Elementary will be sprucing up what is currently four white walls and replacing them with a lot of school spirit.

"Riverview Elementary School received a grant for author and storyteller Chris Rumble to come to our school sometime around Christmas to paint murals that represent the pride, attitude, respect and kindness houses," said Principal Julia Mashburn. "That will be our story going up on the four walls."

Each wall will feature one of the four Riverview "houses" that the classes are divided into, listing both their Latin and English name. The Riverview houses are the red Dignatio, or respect, house, the orange Habitus, or attitude, house, the yellow Benevolentia, or kindness, house and the green Magnuficentia, or pride, house.

Rumble painted a mural for Riverview in the past, painting the back wall of the school's media center.

The mural will depict a window scene with an eagle flying in one of each of the four walls. As the eagle gets closer to the viewer on each successive wall, it will be revealed that the eagle is carrying a banner with the word "service" on it, a big part of Riverview's message and teachings, according to Mashburn.

On top of the mural, the hallway could also feature a statue in the center.

"We had been looking for an eagle statue and finally found one, but weren't sure what to do with it initially," Mashburn said. "Then we found out that Chris Fisher, the husband of one of our staff members, does woodworking on the side. He offered to construct a pedestal for us and donated the time to do that."

The pedestal was completed for the statue in time to be unveiled at the end of the elementary school's Veterans Day program.

For now, the eagle and pedestal stands in the hallway, but the overall plan is to re-evaluate whether or not it can be moved to the center of the hallway once the murals are painted.

"We've been open for three years, trying to find the things that are really going to be a permanent part of the school," Mashburn said. "We're really proud to have our Riverview eagle, standing in its spot."