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Retiring teacher organizes last show
Retiring Art Teacher pic
Retiring teacher Chris Gore gathers with his final class of students before his retirement at the end of the school year. - photo by David Renner Dawson Community News

Each year, Dawson County High School puts on an art show to display the growing talents of its art students, and each year art teacher Chris Gore is there to lead them.

But this is Gore's last year.

After 37 years of teaching, Gore has announced his retirement, effective at the end of this school year.

Reflecting on his education career, Gore said that he has always tried to impart one major life lesson.

"I've always tried to teach my students to problem solve," he said. "Whatever task they are coming across, they need to learn to find a solution to it, and there can be many solutions."

Having taught since 1976, Gore said he has watched the profession change around him.

"Over the years, things have gotten a lot more technical," he said. "We cover a lot more ground in classes now. What we do in an 18-week semester now has changed, especially from the 36 weeks I used to have."

But as the years go on, the generation of students tend to stay fairly the same.

"Honestly, I'm really going to miss the playing and pranks," Gore said. "Some of the pranks over the years were pretty funny. It was always fun to me to watch the same things students would figure out to do to each other."

And while Gore has lost track of just how many art shows he has overseen, he keeps a record of each one. And, as the shows are student run, each year the new director tries to outdo the previous.

"Every kid tries to reinvent the wheel with these shows and come up with a new twist," he said. "That's been amazing to see, what they've come up with each year."

The year's theme is decided by the current year's director, with senior Madelyn Alvarado choosing the Land of Oz.

Students are also in charge of publicity and promotion.

"The students really do everything," he said. "They plan the awards, promotions, posters, everything."

Tapped to take over for Gore next school year is Jennifer Brinson, a Dawson County High School graduate.

"I have all the confidence in Jennifer," Gore said. "I think she will continue the program and do wonderful things at the school."

As for Gore, he plans on relaxing.

"Now that I'm retiring, I think I'll just take it easy," he said. "I'll finally get around to doing more painting, doing a little living and just kind of playing around."