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Library offers tech savvy tips for all ages
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Getting a tablet or any other technology device can be overwhelming and sometimes frustrating if it is not known how to use. However, the Dawson County Library is there to help.

Some people do better learning with hands on, said librarian Colby Hunter, and that is what he and Branch Manager Stacey Leonhardt are there for; to teach people of any age how to use their devices.

"It usually takes about an hour to go through and explain how everything works and how to download books," he said. "If they didn't grasp it the first time, they'll come back again, but most of the time they get it the first time."

The program dedicates a whole day, the first Tuesday of every month, to help people who do not know how to use their iPad, Kindle Fire or any other device they may have.

"Pretty much any gadget you can think of, we will try to help you with," Hunter said. "If we can't, then we will try to look it up and see if we can find out how to work it."

Helping others with their devices has Hunter receiving praise from some patrons.

"There was one lady who got an iPad from her daughter who lived in another state. I showed her how to get the pictures from her email," he said. "She was so excited she came back and thanked me and had to show me ‘I got [the pictures].'"

The library started Gadget Overload a few months ago.

"We've enjoyed doing this program," Hunter said. "And hopefully we will get more people to come in and take advantage of it."

If you would like more information on Gadget Overload, call (706) 344-3690.