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Board of ed approves Rick Brown as chief operations officer
A-BOE COO position Brown mug

During last week's Dawson County Board of Education meeting, the board approved current Chief Academic Officer Rick Brown to take on a new position as chief operations officer of the Dawson County School System.

According to Superintendent Damon Gibbs, the new position is the missing link that has been needed for two years.

"Currently, all non-academic areas of the school system have been spread among many of my directors," Gibbs said. "This change will bring the supervision of these areas under a single team member."

"I am excited to assume the position of chief operations officer for our district, and would like to thank Dr. Gibbs and the Dawson County Board of Education for the opportunity," Brown said.

"Our purpose is to be an exemplary school district, with outstanding staff, that prepares students to compete globally," he said. "Our direction is to provide quality instruction and student support in a nurturing environment that results in success for all."

Brown's prior role will be filled through the spring by Nicole LeCave who is the director of teaching and learning.

Gibbs said LeCave's responsibilities will be expanded until the teaching and learning department undergoes reorganization.

"This change will also allow me to focus more on our core business of expanding educational opportunities for each of our students in the area of teaching and learning," Gibbs said.

Brown will be the supervisor for the directors of transportation, school nutrition, school nurses, school resource officers and facilities and maintenance.

The position guide as posted by the school system shows a direct report to Gibbs.

Brown worked in the school improvement and curriculum fields as a high school principal for 12 years. He has worked at the district level for more than nine years.

Before moving to the administrative side, Brown also taught and coached.

"I feel that the experiences that I have gained from these various positions that I have served in education over the years have helped to prepare me to successfully fulfill the role as our chief operations officer and I am looking forward to the opportunity to serve in this new position," Brown said.

In other news
The board also approved two new positions as a result of changes in other areas.

A warehouse courier position was established in response to the shift from housing inventory at individual schools to a district warehouse.

Gibbs said that position will work to transport items between the warehouse and schools as needed.

Gibbs will be making recommendations for those positions over the next couple of months.

Over the summer, the transportation department switched from a manual routing system to a web-based application called Bus Boss. A routing assistant position was created to manage the software as well as fill in as a substitute bus driver as needed.

The board also voted to make Doris Cook the new chairperson for the board and Karen Armstrong the vice chairperson for 2017.

According to Gibbs, the decision was also made to use Feb. 20 as an inclement weather make-up day after school was cancelled on Jan. 9.