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Wayne Knuckles: Musical tastes have people going gaga
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Heres a fun fact about me not many people know and even less care about.

Im a big fan of the singer Lady Gaga.

I mention this because twice in the past couple of weeks, different people have engaged me in a conversation that eventually turned to musical tastes.

I like all kinds of music, I always say, because I do.

So when I start to tick off some of my favorites, like Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin or Elvis and the Rolling Stones, I see whomever Im talking to nod in understanding.

When I mention I also like some opera and most classical music, the nodding slows to a crawl.

But when I get the to part about my appreciation of the works of Lady Gaga, Rihanna or Taylor Swift, eyes get big as saucers.

Wow, I didnt think you even knew who those artists are, one person told me recently.


I may have snow on the roof, but I still have the heart of an old rock n roller.

I also have a daughter who keeps me educated on the latest musical trends because she insists on playing dee jay any time we travel together.

As a result, Ive been exposed to everything from Lil Wayne to Katy Perry for many years now.

And that apparently freaks some people out.

Kids my daughters age are surprised I know anything about music that occurred after The Eagles recorded Hotel California.

People my age often dont even know who these groups are when I bring them up.

Its true that there was a time, starting about 1985 and lasting well into this century, when I stopped following popular music altogether. I thought that using rhyming words for lyrics that were talked, not sung, wasnt music at all. I still largely feel that way.

But sometimes even the music we used to call rap back in the day can be surprisingly entertaining. Im currently hooked on a tune by Snoop Dog featuring Willie Nelson as his backup vocalist. As weird as that combo sounds, it works for me.

And you get a song like Gagas Telephone cranked up, and youll have the lyrics stuck in your head for the rest of the day.

I grew up listening to country music on the radio and Saturday afternoon programs like The Porter Wagoner Show and The Wilburn Brothers. So Ive taken some pretty big leaps in a lot of different directions over the years as Ive tried to expand my knowledge and appreciation of all types of music.

Truth be told, my tastes are actually a lot closer to Frank and Dino and Elvis and Glenn Frey than they ever will be to Jay Z and Kanye West.

But its been fun broadening my musical horizons.

And I love the shocked look on the faces of people my age when I talk about the latest Katy Perry single.

They say you shouldnt try to judge a book by its cover, and I find thats often the case.

I wont be wearing a suit made out of meat any time soon, despite Gagas fashion statement a couple of years ago, but I might start belting out the lyrics of Bad Romance if the mood strikes me.

So be prepared.

Wayne Knuckles is the acting-Publisher of the Dawson News & Advertiser. He can be reached at 706-265-2345 or