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Threat 'not credible' at DCHS
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Rumors began circulating early Thursday morning that Dawson County High School was in a lockdown situation after students attempting to enter the school found all doors locked except for the front door.

The school was never on lock down, Dawson County Sheriffs Capt. Tony Wooten said.

An incident appears to have started when a student became upset over his familys plans to move, forcing the student to change schools.

The school system and sheriffs office learned of a possible threat around 5 p.m. Wednesday after students shared with their parents information about an alleged threat.

Wednesday night five investigators talked to all the parties involved and found that the threat was not credible, Wooten said. As we have always done in the past, we take extra precautions. We locked the doors from the student parking lot and brought in extra officers as a precaution.

According to Wooten, a young man was visibly upset about being withdrawn from the high school.

We were there to ease any tension, he said. One of the kids was concerned that he was going to come back and do some type of violence today. He withdrew from Dawson County High School yesterday (Wednesday, Sept. 16). Hes not even a student here anymore. Hes not even here today because of that.

Dawson County School Superintendent Damon Gibbs was contacted for comment.

We worked together for a couple of hours and the sheriffs office determined, after their investigation, that the threat was not credible, Gibbs said. We are very grateful for the relationship we have with the sheriffs office and the work that was done so that we could have a normal school day. Our high school administration released a statement that was sent home via our phone messaging system earlier that morning.

Gibbs said Thursday at the school proceeded normally.

I know many parents have chosen to check their children out of school, but the sheriffs office found that no threat was made to our school, he said. The investigation started immediately when we got the information, and were going to make sure we do everything to prove or disprove suspicion.