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Second movie in works for Dawson
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Jimmy Anderson, a local historian for Dawson and Lumpkin counties, is currently in discussions with a film company for a second movie to be shot locally. Anderson, who is a retired postmaster general of Dahlonega, has been asked by the company to provide technical assistance.

Executive producer, Denise Kleiner, arrived in town on Monday with her friend Angelica Carson, who is Johnny Carsons daughter-in-law, according to Anderson. The two met with Anderson to begin discussions on local history and possible settings.

Script writer Colin Kenny is scheduled to arrive today from Maryland.

Denise was up here two months ago and stayed four or five days, said Anderson. She just loved the place. They plan on shooting in Dawson and Lumpkin counties.

The movie takes place during the regions gold-rush era. At the time, Dawson County did not exist. Dawson County was carved out of Lumpkin County and smaller parts of Gilmer, Pickens and Forsyth counties in 1857.

It focuses partly on the Russell Brothers who first discovered gold along the Cherokee creek, said Anderson. They were well educated, refined men. Then, along came John Gregory who was a bit of a red-neck, a braggart and a loud-mouth. He got there late, yet discovered an even larger gold vein.

Needless to say, there was no love lost between them, he added. They were like oil and water.

The script writer, producer and Anderson are scheduled to meet with Dawsonville Mayor Pro-tem James Grogran and the city council on Wednesday.

Im excited about it, said Mayor Pro-tem James Grogan. I think anytime we can get people in here to work in our county and city, its great. It lets everyone know what kind of place this is.

At press time, no details were available as to when the movie may start shooting, and a title has not been decided.

Trouble with the Curve, a movie starring Clint Eastwood, Amy Adams and John Goodman, has begun shooting in Dawson County.

Its expected to end its run in Dawson on March 27.

Motorists should expect short delays when traveling on Hwy. 53. Marty Williams with the Dawson Chamber of Commerce suggests Howser Mill Road as an alternative.