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Robin Williams' Dawson Connection
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Robin Williams

Sometimes its all about the connection.

A local physician and his son in May received a special gift from Oscar-winning actor/comedian Robin Williams. Not that the gift wasnt special before, but now that the actor who delighted millions with his humor and acting talent suddenly died on Monday, the gift has taken on an even greater significance.

Capt. William Anderson, son of Dr. Larry Anderson, is currently serving as support staff in Kandahar, Afghanistan, with the 229th aviation battalion.

The elder Anderson served his country during the Vietnam war in the 228th aviation battalion and flew Chinook helicopters.

The Chinook was a multi-mission, heavy-lift transport helicopter. Its primary mission was to move troops, artillery, ammunition, fuel, supplies and equipment on the battlefield.

My son always identified me and the Vietnam war with the catch phrase Good morning Vietnam!, the elder Anderson said.

The father and son have seen the popular 1987 movie of the same name many times.

He thought it would be cool to get Robin Williams to say the name of the ramp when his troops land their Apache helicopters in Kandahar, Anderson said of his son.

The ramp name is: Mustang Ramp.

I was really proud of my son that he took the initiative to make all the calls and send all the emails that he did, Anderson said.

His sons passion paid off.

In May, the younger Anderson received an email with an audio attached.

Goooood morning, Mustang Ramp! bellows Williams undeniable voice in the audio.

The fathers pride was obvious.

He did it for his troops, the elder Anderson said. And, it was nice to have another connection with my son.

For more than 15 years, Williams visited and entertained thousands of troops across the globe.

For my generation and before, we had Bob Hope. My son had Robin Williams. It was really a big deal for both of us, Anderson said.

And, I can tell you this, before Adrian Cronauer, armed forces radio was like elevator music.

Cronauer is the real life, innovative, armed forces radio disc jockey who inspired the movie Good Morning Vietnam. He served as a Saigon-based DJ from 1965-66.

The elder Anderson served in Vietnam in 1967.

The younger Anderson continues to serve in Afganistan.

Robin Williams somehow brought them all together.

Editors note: The audio clip is posted on the Dawson News & Advertisers Facebook page.