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Pug gaining celeb status
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There's a rising star in Dawson County making a name for himself on the big screen.

Meet Calvin Moore. You may not have heard that name before but he's been in movies with big name actors such as Robin Williams and Lucy Liu. He's also been in several commercials SCANA Energy and PetMeds are some of the bigger ones.

Pretty accomplished for a 4-year-old pug.

Calvin's owner, Cathy Moore, said he is a very well-trained dog, thanks to trainer Greg Tresan with Atlanta Dog Works. Sit, stand, shake and bow "He can do almost anything," Moore said.

Moore said Calvin got his first gig a Hallmark Channel movie starring Lucy Liu called "Marry Me" after a referral from the pug's breeder. Calvin's also featured in an upcoming film called "My Friggin' Christmas Miracle," starring Robin Williams, Lauren Graham and Joel McHale.

Tresan said Calvin is a professional on set. "Nothing phases him," Tresan said. "He's friendly but not distracted, which is good. That can be a problem. I'm able to teach him stuff fairly quickly. I always enjoy working with him."

Tresan said earlier in the week he taught Calvin how to bow for a part in the film shoot. "He had to look like he was doing yoga," Tresan said.

In addition to boarding and training animals, Atlanta Dog Works also recruits or "wrangles" animals of all sorts for various film projects in Georgia. The Walking Dead and Hunger Games are just a couple of sets Tresan has worked on. Tresan said they wrangle any sort of animal for a project.

And while some celebrities may be demanding expensive champagne or caviar while on the job, Calvin's tastes are a little more simple.

"He has these treats we cut open and put Cheese Whiz in that he loves," Moore said.

Calvin also gets a hankering for caramel from time to time.

"My husband, Kenny, licks the chocolate off a Milk Dud and gives the caramel to Calvin," she said. "Our vet doesn't know about that," Moore said with a smile.