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Local family asks for help in finding special gift
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Three young girls and their mother are asking Dawson County residents to help find a special member of their family, their dog, Shine.

Shine is a 7-year-old golden retriever last seen on Elliott Family Parkway on Nov. 30.

For the family of Michelle Everett and daughters, Karma 11 and MaKale 10, Shines presence is a reminder of husband and father, John Everett, who tragically lost his life in an accident on Oct. 17, 2010. At the time of Johns death, Michelle was pregnant with the couples third daughter and five days after her husbands death, Michelle gave birth to Kope. For Kope, Shine was the last gift received from the father she never had the chance to meet.

Shine was the first one to find John after the accident, said Barbara Padgett-Kirkland, mother and grandmother of the Everett girls. And he laid beside him, keeping him warm until we found him. I actually found Shine in front of Johns shop the next morning and he laid around for days after the accident; you could just see his depression.

She continued to talk about how protective Shine was of the girls, especially after their fathers passing.

I watched Shine head up the driveway day after day when he heard the school bus, she said. Its like he went up there to supervise the children as they got off the bus, and he followed behind as they walked to the house.

The family dog also served as a watchdog for Michelle, now a single mother of three girls.

He always barked to alert us when someone would come down the driveway, even if it was a family member, said Michelle.

The dogs name is also a memory of John. He was actually named Moonshine by John, said Padgett-Kirkland. And I being the grandmother said, Oh no, no! We will call him Sunshine.

According to the Everett family, Shine is friendly, is an expert rock fetcher and will answer to his name.

He has three little girls at home who terribly miss him, said the girls grandmother. I truly believe he is out there somewhere wanting to come home and we are praying for his safe return.

If you have any information on Shine or his whereabouts, please call 706-974-0907.