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'Little lady' known for keeping streets clean dies at 57
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A former Dawsonville resident widely-known for her dedication to keeping the streets of the city clean, died on Wednesday, Nov. 21, 2012.

Judy Rosalee Rosie Weaver, 57, of Tucker, Georgia endeared herself to many residents in Dawsonville. One of them was former Mayor Joe Lane Cox, who in 2004, proclaimed a special day each year called, Rosie Day.

At the time, Weaver was humbled by the citys recognition. You are all like family to me, and I love you all, she said misty-eyed. The city provided Weaver with reflective gear, trash bags, flashlights and an apron to keep everything organized during her nightly clean-up missions.

For many years, it was perfectly normal to see Weaver, trash bags in hand, walking at night through the city, cleaning the streets, parking lots and curbs of trash and debris. Residents started to notice the little lady and feared for her safety. You never knew where she was gonna be, said Rhonda Whitmire, a friend of Weavers and a city resident. But you knew she was gonna be somewhere. And if she wasnt, then it made you think something wasnt right. Gordon Pirkle, owner of the Dawsonville Pool Room said Weaver would take a nightly break from her volunteer work and visit with customers at the Pool Room. She would come in and get a cup of coffee, but she would get mad if we tried to make her a fresh pot, he said. She never wanted anyone to go out of their way for her. Pirkle said he often saw Weaver on Hwy. 53 on his way home from the Pool Room, usually after midnight. He tried to offer her a ride home. It didnt matter if it was pouring rain or freezing, he said. She just wasnt gonna get in no car with nobody.

Haley Garrett of Hayleys Gifts in Dawsonville remembers Weaver fondly. Rosie could walk to 400 and back faster than we could drive, she said. Keeping Dawsonville beautiful was truly her passion. See pg. 9A for Weavers obituary.