BREAKING: Authorities investigating after morning blaze near western Dawson County
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Election results
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Grogan, Berg, Carlisle, Townley and Tanner all win respective races.

Unofficial results name James Grogan as Dawsonville's mayor, with 61.39 percent of the vote.

Incumbent Billy Carlisle remains sheriff, with 63.17 percent of the vote, Johnny Glass w/ 19.78 percent and Kevin Ellison w/ 17.05 percent.

Incumbent Mike Berg remains commission chairman w/ 53.82 percent of the vote, Mike Connor w/ 46.18 percent.

Incumbent Linda Townley remains tax commissioner, w/ 51.59 percent of the vote, Karin McKee w/ 48.41 percent.

Incumbent Donald Rex Jones remains county surveyor w/ 52.64 percent of the vote, Gregg Bagwell w/ 24.45 percent and Ben Trail w/ 22.92 percent.

Kevin Tanner wins District 9 seat w/ 71.21 percent, Clint Smith w/ 28.79 percent.

T-SPLOST is a no for Dawson County voters, w/ 76.44 percent voting in opposition to the one-cent sales tax.

Martha Zoller won in Dawson for U.S. House 9 w/ 47.42 percent, Doug Collins w/ 41.15 percent and Roger D. Fitzpatrick w/ 11.43 percent.

* Unofficial results. Results will be finalized Friday, Aug. 3.