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Dawson County High School students in the spotlight
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The Dawson County High School gym was rollickin the morning of April 12 as Buck Lanford of Fox 5 News featured the school in the High 5 Field Trip segment on the channels Good Day Atlanta program.

The school was featured for having the highest number of votes in the High 5 Field Trip Poll. It was 58,909 out of 100,722 (votes), confirmed Emily Stone, senior web producer with Fox 5, going on to say it was 54 percent of the total vote. The other schools in the poll were North Paulding High School and White County Ninth Grade Academy.

Principal Dr. Jute Wilson said that the entire event was a whirlwind of activity. We had less than a day to throw together a few clips for the live broadcast, he said. It was a lot of fun to give [the students] the exposure they deserve.

The most boisterous segment featured the varsity boys basketball team, which made it to the Elite Eight in state basketball for the 2012 season. While the team players were appropriately featured, it could be said that the teams cheering section better known as the Crunk Crew stole the show.

I thought [the Crunk Crew] was hilarious, Lanford said. They look like they have a good time. Weve been going around to a lot of schools and Ive seen a lot of things, but thats one Ill remember.

You can tell that they love their team, he laughed.

The students also took it upon themselves to teach Lanford the official Crunk Crew cheer.

I dont know if I learned it well enough, he said. Ill need to come back and learn it better!

The High 5 Field Trip went on to feature many students from a variety of student groups, including the cast of the production of Godspell, the high school chorus and this years valedictorian, salutatorian and star student.

The more schools I go to, the more I realize that despite what you read and hear, that kids are pretty good, Lanford said. [The students] took instruction well. They cheered at the appropriate times, and were quiet and respectful at the appropriate times.

Wilson said that his only regret was that more students werent able to be included.

I am thankful to Fox 5 and the many Dawson County voters that made this event possible, he said. It was a lot of fun for our school and community ... a memory that I am sure our students will cherish.