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Clark Beusse to retire after 30 years of service
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Clark Beusse has spent 30 years helping people with their animals, gardens, lawns and even giving away a few of his prize roses. After 20 years as the Dawson County Extension Agent, Beusse is scheduled to retire Feb. 29.

Beusse graduated from the University of Georgia in 1981 with a degree in animal science. His legacies include securing the agriculture office building, which once was home to the Dawson County Library. He was also instrumental in starting a farmers market 12 years ago.

Of all the plaques adorning the wall of Dawson County Extension Agent, the one that stands out most to Beusse was given to him by Leadership Dawson.

There are a lot of trees around that I didnt physically assist in the planting, but that hopefully survived or thrived because I was able to offer advice and guidance, said Beusse. When I was young, I hung around the county extension office and decided I wanted to be an extension agent. It looked like a job that could help people, and I thought it would be rewarding.

To me, the most enjoyable thing is to make a living at something where you are helping others.

And thats what he has done help others.

My mom would call him all time, and he would take the time to come over and show her how to prune a brush or how to trim something, said James Swafford. And, before she passed away, hed send over a rose from his garden.

Johnny Burt of Burts Pumpkin Farm has fond memories of working with Beusse.

I remember we wanted to save a big pumpkin for Clark, and we told Clark it was in the shed, Burt said. The thing weighed 300 pounds, and we stood there watching Clark try to load it into his truck by himself.

A colleague, Mickey Cummings, county coordinator with Union County, remembers Beusse as having a dry sense of humor.

Beusse, he said, always likes to play a good practical joke. Once when we were sitting in a meeting, a guy fell asleep, so Clark sent out a message to have everybody call that guys phone, Cummings recalled. So, 10 of us start calling him, and every time his phone rang, he would excuse himself, squeeze through the seats and take the call.

After retirement, Beusse plans to slow things down and begin work on a cabin that sits on a 13-acre lake.

Clark and his wife Edie own a farm near Cordele that has been in Edies family since 1914.

Taking the reins from Beusse is UGA graduate Clark MacAllister.

It took me a long time to find someone named Clark, said Beusse. So, when someone calls the extension office asking for Clark, we can say, Sure, hang on just a second.

Clark Beusses humor and hard work will certainly be missed in Dawson County.

The Dawson County Extension Staff invites the community to a retirement reception for Beusse. It will be Feb. 24, from 4 to 6 p.m., Community & Southern Bank Meeting Facility (building next to the bank near Food Lion) Hwy. 5 East.