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City appoints Grogan
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Dawsonville Mayor Pro-tem, James Grogan, has been appointed by the city council to serve as mayor until a special election is held on July 31. The appointment is a necessary step for the city since Mayor Joe Lane Cox passed away on Friday, March 9. Grogan assumes all the duties and responsibilities of the mayor.

In July, voters will decide on who will serve the city for the next four years. To be eligible to serve as mayor, candidates must be a resident of the city for a period of one year immediately prior to the date of the election and continue to reside within the city during the period of service. To be a candidate for mayor or city council, one must be registered and qualified to vote in the municipal election of the City of Dawsonville and must meet qualification standards.

Grogan and city council member, Calvin Byrd, plan to run for election in the upcoming race. The mayor of Dawsonville earns a salary of $2,000 per month and is given health, life and dental insurance as part of a benefits package.

If Grogran or Byrd are elected as mayor, the city council would then appoint a new, temporary council member to fill the vacant slot until an election is held on Tuesday, Nov. 6, said City Attorney, Dana Miles.

If a new candidate emerges who beats Grogran and Byrd, then both would continuing serving their city council terms, and Grogan remains as mayor pro-tem through Dec. 2012. A mayor pro-tem is appointed once per year and serves for twelve months, he added.

Qualification takes place starting at 9:00 am, Wed. May 23, and ends at noon on Friday, May 25. In order to qualify, residents must complete paperwork and pay a qualifying fee of $741, according to Glenda Ferguson, Chair, Dawson County Board of Elections. Qualifying packets can be picked up at 96 Academy Avenue, Dawsonville. For further information, contact the Dawson County Board of Elections, 706.344.3640.