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Woman on probation for theft, forgery arrested again
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An ex-realtor who pleaded guilty to theft and forgery charges last year was arrested again last week, this time for fraud.

Carol Lynn Michaelson, 51, of Dawsonville was booked into the Dawson County jail on Thursday. She is charged with theft by deception and deposit account fraud in connection with checks she wrote for dry cleaning expenses last year.

The misdemeanor charges stem from two separate incidents in which Michaelson is accused of writing checks on accounts where sufficient funds were not available to cover the costs of the dry cleaning services.

Sheriff's Maj. Ray Goodie said one of the accounts had been closed for several months when she wrote a check for just over $50 in November.

"She knew for several months the account had been closed and still wrote the check. That shows criminal intent there," he said.

The second incident involved a check for $100.53 she wrote in August and then later stopped payment on before the business could process it through the bank.

"The warrants were just issued last week because the dry cleaners had given her many chances to resolve the problem," Goodie said.

According to Goodie, investigators were familiar with Michaelson, a former realtor, who is currently on probation for charges dating back to 2012, when she forged the signature of a property owner on a binding real estate contract and used the escrow funds for personal use.

According to sheriff's investigators, she had forged the signature of a northwestern Dawson County property owner on a short sale real estate contract.

The real estate agent did so after receiving a $15,000 escrow check from a neighboring property owner who sought to buy the land on Hwy. 52 near Amicalola Falls.

Goodie said investigators got involved after the "neighbor saw the property owner out on the land and offered to let him pay a monthly rent to stay on the property once the sale went through."

The problem was that the property had never been placed on the market.

She pleaded guilty to the charges last February and was sentenced as a first offender to four years on probation.

Her real estate license was revoked in March, according to the Georgia Real Estate Commission.

Goodie said her plea as a first offender could be affected by the new charges since she was arrested while serving out the sentence.

"She'll have to go back to court for these new charges. I don't know if her probation officer will bring her in on these. She hasn't been charged with a probation violation at this point," he said.

Michaelson was released on $2,700 bond Feb.5, according to jail records.

Attempts to contact Michaelson on Tuesday were unsuccessful.