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Meth lab found
A-Meth Bust
Dawson County Sheriffs drug agents raided a home in southeastern Dawson County last week where an active methamphetamine lab was uncovered and later destroyed. - photo by David Renner Dawson Community News

Four suspects are in custody after drug agents last week raided a home in southeastern Dawson County where an active methamphetamine lab was uncovered.

Daniel Ray Hughett, 38, and Emali Denai Sage, 24, both of Dawsonville, were arrested along with Bonnie Rose Pardue, 31, of Cornelia on Jan. 27. They are charged with conspiracy to commit the crime of manufacturing methamphetamine.

A fourth suspect, Brian K. Padgett, 30, of Dawsonville, was arrested Monday and is facing the same charge, according to Dawson County Sheriff's spokesman Capt. Tony Wooten.

Drug agents were on the scene at the Hanging Dog Road home last Wednesday to dismantle the suspected drug lab. Officers wearing orange hazardous material suits were seen transporting items from the home just before noon.

Wooten said local narcotics officers worked with Appalachian Drug Task Force agents to take down the operation.

"As a part of the ongoing investigation, it was determined that there were items still at the residence that were used to manufacture methamphetamine," Wooten said. "Investigators went back with a HAZMAT team to gather any additional evidence and destroy potentially dangerous items used to make methamphetamine."

The lab was located inside a single-wide trailer set back from the road.

Marked with no trespassing, private property and security camera warning signs, the property surrounding the home was littered with debris, tractor trailers and dozens of presumably junk vehicles.

The suspects are being held without bond in the Dawson County Detention Center, according to jail records.