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County adopts moratorium on rezoning
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The Dawson County Board of Commissioners voted Thursday, Nov. 7 to adopt a moratorium on rezoning applications until Feb. 7, 2020. The moratorium will be in effect while the Commissioners attempt to rework the current laws around the rezoning process.

Several weeks ago, discussions began amongst the Commissioners about language in the county’s ordinances that would negatively affect the rezoning process. It was decided that the Commissioners would hold off on any new applications while they work on cleaning up the ordinances, adding new zoning classifications, and ensuring that the rezoning process will be fair and efficient.

“This lag period between us knowing that we have some recommendations from our consultant that would allow us to improve our land use resolution in various forms and also to add some new classifications means that accepting zoning applications in the interim before we can go through this public hearing process and adopt it, puts us in a precarious situation where we could lose the opportunity to offer our citizens the benefits of these changes and also have our planners and ourselves lose the benefit of development pursuant to these changes,” said Angela Davis, the county’s legal counsel.

“So as a result, we talked about the concept of a temporary moratorium that would allow us to not accept zoning applications until such time as we change the land use resolution and consider these amendments,” Davis added.

The moratorium was approved by a unanimous vote and went into effect Nov. 7.

Changes to the future land use plan could be ready for vote as early as Dec. 19. If approved at that date, the moratorium would ostensibly be lifted thereafter.