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Varsity submits site plans
Eatery may open by end of year
2 Varsity Plans pic
An artist rendering shows the preliminary design for the new Varsity Jr. restaurant expected to open in Dawsonville later this year. - photo by For the Dawson Community News

Site plans were submitted last week for the much anticipated Varsity Jr. on Ga. 400 in Dawson County.


County Planning Director David McKee said architects for the Varsity are awaiting reviews and permits to move forward with the 4,550-square-foot eatery.


“We’ve given the plans to the different entities in the county that have to review them,” McKee said.


A meeting will be held after the reviews to discuss any potential changes.


“They’ll bring the revised plans back to us, and if all the comments are addressed, we’ll stamp off and approve it at that point,” McKee said.


“We could very easily have an approved set of drawings before the end of September.”


The preliminary plans, which show a brick and glass exterior, include a 1,400-square-foot kitchen, children’s play area and occupancy for at least 160 people.


The Varsity has owned about 2 acres on Ga. 400 north of Applebee’s, between Auto Zone and The Outside World, for about four years, according to John Browne, company vice president.


The restaurant will sit on the front of the property, facing the highway, while the back parcel is intended for future growth.


Browne said a large area of the second parcel will be greenspace until needed for development. The area could be available for community events.


The restaurant will be accessible from both Ga. 400 and Carlisle Road via access roads and will offer access to the strip of businesses on Quail Trail.


News of the Dawson County location came earlier this summer as Atlanta placed restrictions on remodeling plans for the Varsity Jr. on Lindbergh Drive.


The Varsity chose to close the Lindbergh location and begin building a restaurant in Dawsonville, which will feature the Atlanta-based chain’s new prototype style and floor plan.


Charlie Auvermann, executive director with the Development Authority of Dawson County, said the plans and the building are “very interesting and suitable for Dawson County.”


“I think the way they have the site plan set up is going to be a real positive to the county,” Auvermann said. “It’s going to be pleasant to look at as people drive by, and of course, hopefully they’ll stop.”


The number of jobs the restaurant will create has not been announced, though Browne said he does plan to hire a manager from the area.


“We’re starting the search for a local manager and let them experience about a month at the original Varsity in Atlanta, and then move them to the Alpharetta location to have them ready when we open [in Dawson],” he said.


The restaurant likely will debut near the end of the year.