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Motorsports Park submits expansion plans
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Plans to expand the Atlanta Motorsports Park were heard during a meeting last week.

The Dawsonville Planning Commission heard a presentation from park representatives regarding the expansion during its Aug. 18 regular meeting.

"I want to update the site plan on file to include the club house on the current zoning plan and also the cart track building move of the location," said Atlanta Motorsports Park CEO Jeremy Porter. "This is just an updated site plan, per the buildings we have now, per the zoning conditions we have been approved for and for the future buildings that we're going to be doing on the site."

As these plans are an update to existing site plans and not new plans, the applicant does not need to appear before the city council for approval.

"Right now, we have a site plan work up of the building planned for Atlanta Motorsports Park on display in city hall," said Dawsonville Mayor James Grogan.

While applicants are required to submit multiple copies of site plans to the city, there is no requirement on how long plans must remain on display before moving on the building permit phase.

"Since this is an update to existing plans, per the stipulations on the original site plans, the applicant only needs to go back to the planning commission for approval," said city permit technician Nalita Copeland. "In the case of AMP, they do not need to appear before the city again since it is an update."

The commission met the plans with open arms.

"I think what the park is doing is good for the community and the Dawsonville area," said planning commission member Ken Breeden. "We are pleased that you are here and in business. It's commendable that you are working on expanding and ... improving the property."

However, while approval was forthcoming, the planning commission did have a few concerns and stipulations.

"I've seen all of the plans, and, as a ley person and not an engineer, I want to see more. I want to see what is going on," said Planning Commission Chair B.J. Farley. "There are a few pieces that [were in the presentation] that I don't see on the plan."

According to Farley, it's a concern of clarity in the plans.

"You mentioned any future plans, but those need to be listed on the plans, as well," Farley said.

Porter agreed with the commission on the confusion.

"I agree with you completely," he said. "The frustration has been in the communication of what I need and what I don't need and what processes to follow."

In order to help alleviate the confusion, Porter submitted new plans matching the previously submitted plans, but with old annotations cleared up.

"What I did to get the site plans [for the meeting] is ... a brand new site plan. It was drawn up about two weeks ago and updated with all new additions," he said. "While there are plans for a pavilion on there, as well, there are no current plans to act on that building for at least a few more years."

With the confusion addressed, the site plan update additions were unanimously passed.

Before the permitting phase can begin, the park still requires health department approval on their septic system, according to the city.