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Mason named rep of the year
EWSA Award pic
Bryan Wagoner of the Georgia Association of Water Professionals presented Jessica Mason with a Customer Service Representative Award Monday. An employee of Etowah Water and Sewer Authority, Mason received the award at the authority’s regularly scheduled board meeting Monday. - photo by Photo/Elizabeth Hamilton

Jessica Mason, billing clerk at Etowah Water and Sewer Authority, had an end to her workday Monday that was unlike any other.


Mason was given a customer service award by the Georgia Association of Water Professionals that recognized her as the Customer Representative of the Year.


According to Bryan Wagoner, communications director of the association, Mason’s award is one of the association’s many awards, but is one that focuses on individual achievement.


“When it comes to day-to-day operations, what the customer really knows about the municipality or water provider comes from whoever is on the other end of the phone,” Wagoner said.


According to the authority, Mason has been involved in things in the community that go beyond the office, things such as the American Cancer Society and United Way.


“It is because of her several involvements and numerous customer comments that we feel she is deserving of the award,” Wagoner said.


Wagoner added that the water association is the only organization in the state with a customer service award program for a water provider, and that Mason is the only employee in the state to have received the customer service representative of the year award.


“Everyday, Jessica (Mason) goes above and beyond what is required of her,” said the authority’s general manager Brooke Anderson.


Financial manager Rosalind Chambers agreed.


“Jessica (Mason) does stay positive at work and she is a positive influence on the other staff members,” Chambers said. “If someone says something negative, she helps them to think on the positive side, and she is the same way with the customers.”


Surprised to have been invited to attend a board meeting, Mason says she was even more surprised to receive an award.


“Thank you very much. This is such a big surprise,” Mason said.


“Etowah is a great company to work for. I could not have asked for better,” Mason added. “It’s great to know you can come to work and have people there that will back you up and help you personally and professionally, which makes it easy to do your job right.”


Anderson noted the importance of acknowledging the types of customers the authority deals with, emphasizing the efforts Mason puts into a sometimes trying job.


“She goes above and beyond helping internal and external customers as well as serving the community, a particular customer that we take pride in,” Anderson said. “In a community this size, being involved makes all the difference and it is something that she takes her personal time and resources to do. She is the one who will stay up all night at Relay for Life when everyone else goes to bed at midnight.”


Anderson added that having exceptional employees, such as Mason, is what makes the workplace pleasant for colleagues as well as customers.