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Arrest Report June 6
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May 28

Christopher Kyle McBrayer, 36, Cleveland: Expired tag, improper tag, open container violation, reckless driving, DUI, failure to maintain lane, use of safety belts in passenger vehicles.

James Christopher White, 50, Dawsonville: Simple battery.

May 29

Roger Bryant Harbin, 34, Lawrenceville: Probation violation/felony.

Haron Edward Mintz, 28, Norcross: Probation violation/misdemeanor.

May 30

John Thomas Cabe, 30, Gainesville: Probation violation/felony.

Terry Ray Gross, 58, Man, W.Va.: Three counts possession of a controlled substance, drug related objects, drugs in original container.

Daniel Lee Headrick, 24, Gainesville: Failure to comply.

Benjamin Ray Holtzclaw, 37, Dawsonville: Probation violation/misdemeanor.

Shelby Ann Jones, 28, Dawsonville: Simple battery/family violence.

Justin David Newell, 27, Dahlonega: Probation violation/felony.

Kevin Wayne Oliver, 37, Dawsonville: Failure to comply.

Brenda Sue Perry, 57, Bruno, W.Va.: Three counts possession of a controlled substance, drug related objects, drugs in original container.

Dexter Max Wehunt, 31, Dahlonega: Too fast for conditions, hit and run, failure to maintain lane.

May 31

Dennis Frazier Long, 24, Griffin: Probation violation/felony.

June 1

Kate Hester Cravey, 48, Cumming: Possession of marijuana, possession of a controlled substance, two counts drug related objects, crossing guard lines with weapon/drugs/intoxicants.

Johnnie Samuel Davis, 25, Dawsonville: Theft by shoplifting.

Mauricio Gonzalez, 24, Doraville: Driving without license.

Mary Davis Lee, 48, Gainesville: Theft by shoplifting.

Sheila Ann Martin, 57, Dahlonega: Probation violation/felony.

Joshua Samuel Poe, 19, Dawsonville: Failure to comply.

John Andrew Taylor, 21, Gainesville: Failure to comply.

June 2

Lara Melinda Cook, 48, Canton: Hold for other agency.

Robert Gerald Deguido, 59, Cumming: Possession of a controlled substance, drug related objects.

Jason Wesley Graham, 48, Gainesville: Operating a vessel under the influence, operating a vessel with expired registration.

Rachel Mechell Pendley, 48, Dawsonville: Failure to comply.

Zachary Trey Stauffer, 25, Braselton: Possession of marijuana less than one ounce, littering, requirements of license/pass on DNR property.

June 3

Andrea Elaine Howard, 51, Dawsonville: DUI, failure to maintain lane.

Anthony Poteete, 37, Dawsonville: Hold for other agency.

Kellie Sue Ramey, 48, Rowston: Charges pending.