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Local man writes book addressing racial division in America
Local man William “Dub” Anderson has recently published his fourth novel, “The Price of Perfect”. - photo by Erica Jones

A Dawsonville man has recently written and published a novel addressing the racial division in America and aiming to make readers question what they can do to help find a solution. 

William “Dub” Anderson said that the idea for his book, “The Price of Perfect”, first came to him several years ago as he observed the division between the races in America. 

“This book came about a few years ago and my just being concerned about our country; America is an angry place in many respects but also a fabulous place,” Anderson said. “I thought there’s a real story there in how we’re not communicating between the races; it’s a fractured country over culture and over race.” 

Anderson began researching, reading works by well-known African American activists, talking to people and learning where both sides of the issue are coming from. He said that, in his research, one thing he realized was that a root of the problem is a lack of communication. 

“I majored in communications at Georgia, and a lot of it breaks down to we’re just not communicating,” Anderson said. “So I tried to write a novel showing both sides of this racial issue and a little bit in the extremes, because I don’t think we’re talking to each other in frank manners. We’re afraid we’ll offend the other person; but if you’re always afraid of offending them you’ll never discover what they’re really about.” 

The novel follows a man as he fights to be true to his beliefs during a time in America where there is division and disagreement at every turn. Anderson said that, while that’s the main storyline, several stories form as the book goes on. 

“There are really a number of stories within the story, and the main story is about an Atlanta architect who tries to stand in his beliefs against a very powerful TV reporter,” Anderson said. “There’s a love story that can’t be, there’s a man that’s standing for his beliefs even though it could destroy his marriage and family.” 

“The Price of Perfect” is Anderson’s fourth book he has written and an entry on an impressive career as a writer. He started writing when he got out of college and his first job was as a writer at Vogue magazine in New York. He then moved back to Georgia, where he started a job as a copywriter and then opened several ad agencies in Atlanta and Savannah where he was a creative director and senior writer. 

Anderson has now lived in Dawsonville for 12 years and has written three other books: “The Wild Man from Sugar Creek”, “God’s Arm” and “Jesus at 65”. He said that the writing process for his newest book took a total of about five years to complete. 

“When I’m writing a novel like that, I don’t necessarily know which way the novel is going,” Anderson said. “I’ve got a general idea of the story I wanna write, but I sit down and start writing and the characters start developing themselves so I literally become a stenographer for the characters in the story.” 

According to Anderson, his hope for his novel is that it can make readers think and consider both sides of the racial divide, no matter of their own skin color. 

“A goal of the book would be to lay it out in a very frank way, hopefully fair on both sides of the issue, and to have people start to think ‘maybe we ought to get together and talk about this more’,” Anderson said. “All white people are categorized and all black people are categorized as thinking the same way, but none of us think the same way — it’s an opportunity to talk very frankly and to try to understand where each side is coming from.” 

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