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Twas Days Before Christmas
For the Dawson County News
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‘Twas mere days before Christmas,

And all through this place,

Every nook, every corner, was dirty,

Including my child's face.

No elf on the shelf darkened my door

They are as creepy as clowns - maybe even more.

No tree was up, where would it go?

There was not room for a spruce, not even a bow.

My Mama was coming, she promised she said

She offered to cook, which filled us with dread

"I'll do all the cooking!" I said, with fear in my heart

‘Cause my Mama's cooking usually sent someone to the ER.

What did my ears suddenly hear?

No, trust me it wasn't eight tiny reindeer

But the sound of a glass hitting the floor,

Did I have any left? How many more?

I had shopped and shopped, thinking I was done

Until my child changed his list, "Could I add just one?"

Too late to be shipped, too late to find

I hoped Santa had it, to save my behind

The one present my child declared, "Must be mine!"

Was nowhere, nowhere - not even on Ebay -- to buy.

Star Wars, and Legos - Santa had those for sure.

But where in the heck does one get a Funko Steven Universe?

Cole was worried the pups may not let Santa in

"No need to worry," I said, "by now, they're old friends."

Besides, the pittie would hide, behind the couch, all a quiver

Even if Santa has dog treats to deliver

Our cabin was loud, it was crazy it seemed

How could anyone have sugarplums in their dreams?

Would I ever get it all done, or would it all fall apart?

With hours to go, I wasn't sure in my heart

Would Christmas be festive? Would everyone be happy and pleased?

With what was in bags and boxes, even if not under a tree?

Then suddenly it hit me, it made me stop and think

It's not the gifts, pies or trinkets - or anything from me.

It can't be bought or made,

Wrapped or exchanged.

Or be under the tree.

It's who we spend the day with, that matters the most to me

Ready or not, Christmas will come - it's actually here.

I think to myself, "Maybe, just maybe, it will be perfect next year."

I'll clean, I will shop early, I'll make sure it is done right

Okay, we all know it won't happen, but my intentions are true.

So instead, I am just sending good wishes,

From me to you

May your heart be full of good Christmas cheer,

And may you have nothing but good things in the coming year.

Merry Christmas!

Sudie Crouch is an award winning humor columnist and author of the e-published novel, "The Dahlman Files: A Tony Dahlman Paranormal Mystery."