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Sweep away pest problems during spring cleaning
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You know spring brings the birds and flowers.


But do you know about the spiders, roaches and the centipedes?


Spring cleaning offers the perfect opportunity to locate and get rid of the openings these insects can use and the places they can hide.


Insects can come into your home through tiny openings such as cracks in the foundation, gaps around windows or holes in screens. 


They can ride in on flowers, clothesbaskets or grocery bags.


Spring cleaning time is the best time to be on the lookout for these types of problems.


As you spruce up and fix up your home, look for cracks and crevices and seal them with paint, caulk, insulation or other materials.


See that screens in doors and windows are in good repair, and be sure your screen door opens to the outside.


Fireplaces should be cleaned out and dampers closed tightly.


Where you find spiders, be sure to get the web down, too.


Fill in any holes the spider may have used as a retreat, then use an aerosol insecticide on the spot.


Make sure gutters are clean and that water drains away from the house.


I encourage people to be aware of ways they can unintentionally bring bugs into their homes.


Items such as clothesbaskets resting on the ground, flowers or greenery cut for decoration and potted plants can harbor insects.


Firewood is especially attractive to insects. Wood should never be stored in the house or basement during the summer.


Bags and boxes should be examined carefully for pests.


People can carry pests throughout their home in containers used to store items through the summer.

  By taking a few simple steps now, it can reduce your inside insect problems during the summer.  Clark Beusse is the Dawson County extension agent. For more information, call (706) 265-2442.