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Mama and the Clothes Line
Ronda Rich
As we all know, any large project will always have glitches. I learned this during my days of sports marketing and, thus, formed one of my enduring philosophies: No matter how well you plan, there is always somebody waiting to jump in and mess it up. Producing a book about Mama was no exception. Though the columns had been long written, there was much to do in putting it together: New passages to be written, a dozen or so edits and proofing, graphic design, photography, printing production, etc. There was a lot of room for the possibility of snags and each possible snag seized the opportunity to be problematic. One day, the graphic designer, a talented woman named Carroll Moore, informed me that we had four blank pages in the book (this is due to the way that the sheets are printed). Under pressure to solve the problem quickly, I replied, “Let’s just fill the space with quotes from Mama.”

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