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The Legacies
Ronda Rich
When Daddy and Mama died, there was no great wealth left behind – though what they were able to leave was truly remarkable for two refugees from mountain poverty: a few pieces of property, including a small farm, some money in the bank, and not one penny of debt. Neither had ever possessed a credit card. More than the material possessions were two behaviors they instilled in us. They had raised us up on a strong, unyielding foundation of faith, saying repeatedly, “No matter what comes in this life, hold to the hand of God. Faith will see you through.” It has. Secondly, Daddy would “lay down the law” as he liked to call it by commanding, “Whenever you see someone in need, give ‘em what you have and you do without.” He would pause with a leveling of his serious green eyes and say, “Ya’ hear me?” Those words “Ya’ hear me?” were akin to the words written in red in the Bible. We knew to obey.

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