UPDATE: Here’s when you can expect to get your bloomin’ onion fix at Dawson County’s first Outback Steakhouse
The Australian-themed restaurant will soon open its first location in Dawson County.
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Just choose
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Every day we are faced with dozens of choices.

Should we get up when the alarm goes off or should we hit the snooze button?

Should we have coffee or tea?

What should we wear?

Our day starts with us making decisions that seem pretty simple in the big scheme of things.

But what do we do when that choice seems bigger, more important?

It can be terrifying, looking at a decision that may have bigger consequences than just choosing a skirt over leggings.

Have you ever had to make a decision and just the thought of it made you feel panicky?

What if you made the wrong choice?

What if the other option was the best choice and you missed out on something great?

There's tons of fears that can run through your mind and make you doubt, reconsider and overanalyze every detail to death.

We can never know for sure if we have made the best choice; we should rest assured that we have made the best decision based on the information we had at the time.

And there are times when we are faced with a decision that can be intimidating.

Depending on what we choose, it may lead us outside our comfort zone.

When we are outside of our comfort zone or minus our safety net, it can make us feel scared and worried we will fail horribly.

What if we fail?

What happens then?

What if we succeed?

Maybe the real issue is that our comfort zone holds us back in a way.

We get comfortable and settled in the cushy little niche of the world and don't want to disrupt it.

We fear if we make a wrong decision that it's the end of the world.

We forget that we have more decisions to make again the next day.

We can choose to try again.

We can choose to make a new decision.

We can choose a totally different path than the one we had decided on before.

That's kind of the beauty of it.

We have the power each day to make a choice.

Instead of us thinking in terms of what we have to do, if we think in terms of what we are choosing, we can feel stronger in our decisions.

By shifting to choosing, we give ourselves the freedom to realize every decision we make arises from our choices, and that empowers us.

When we feel empowered, we feel strengthened to make other good choices.

Which leads to us moving outside of our comfort zone and finding things that make us feel more fulfilled.

And those decisions that are kind of intimidating and daunting can make us feel even stronger when we are able to make a choice one way or another about them. It gives us a position of power because we are able to have some personal power in the situation.

So just for today, choose.

Just choose.

That's when we shine.

Sudie Crouch is an award winning humor columnist and author of the novel, "The Dahlman Files: A Tony Dahlman Paranormal Mystery."