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Its finally here and it is beautiful
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After several delays, "DAWSON COUNTY, GEORGIA: A HISTORY" is published, delivered and available for purchase.

I am fortunate to receive one of the first copies to be distributed, and I am delighted with its appearance and content.

The hardcover book is bound in deep red, matching other Historical and Genealogical Society publications. But you will not want to remove the handsome dust cover featuring a lovely painting of the Historic Old Courthouse. On the back cover is a picture of the three ladies who spent countless hours researching, typing, editing doing all the work necessary to bring together and publish such a document.

Pat Floyd, Faye Bruce and Peggy Hulsey insisted on receiving no remuneration for their months of labor, and I hope they are justly proud of the results.

Inside are numerous acknowledgements and expressions of gratitude to many individuals and groups for their help and support. You will be enthralled by the 260 pages inside the covers.

The print is extremely easy to read.

There are many historical records which will be especially meaningful to those whose ancestors lived in the county.

There are interesting insights into the daily lives of earlier residents, as well as accounts of important events.

But what may be most fascinating are the hundreds of pictures throughout the book, most of them from individuals' collections. Although many of the structures are no longer standing, those who have known Dawson County for 50 or more years will recognize dozens of locations.

Although the book actually goes on sale July 15 at the office of the Dawson County Historical and Genealogical Society in the historic old courthouse, several people have been fortunate to see one earlier.

On July 9, copies were presented to each member of the county's board of commissioners and Dawsonville Mayor James Grogan.

Historical Society members who have been particularly anxious to have the book were called with advance notice of the July 15 release date.

On July 21 at the regular quarterly meeting of the society, other complimentary copies are to be presented to Representative Kevin Tanner, who will also receive a copy for the Governor's mansion in Atlanta, to members of the families of Rebekah Wilson and Roosevelt Tatum, whose earlier research is widely quoted in this history, and perhaps to others whose assistance has been particularly valuable.

After July 15, other dates when the society office will be open will be announced.

The Dawson County Library will regularly have copies available for sale.

For further information and to order a book, write to Dawson County Historical Society, P.O. Box 1074, Dawsonville, GA 30534 (cost of shipping is $5). Price of the book is $38.

I believe, however, you will find this book to be priceless!

Helen Taylor's column appears periodically in the Dawson Community News.