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A Good Old Fashion Landline
Ronda Rich
It just so happened that Tink and I had gone to the Dairy Shake to grab lunch. We were talking about cell phones and landlines. Without going into a long tale, I’ll just say that there is a phone company that has the ability to ruin two or three of my days, monthly. It’s always a long rigamarole. I had run across an article that said the legislators of some states had voted to allow the discontinuance of landlines if the phone company wanted that choice. I am in great hopes that this is an Internet rumor. For I shall never, NEVER, shed our landlines willingly. We do make quite a few business calls to Los Angeles. This is quite fine if someone answers on the landline at his office but most people take the calls through their cell phones while waiting in the horrendous L.A. traffic. It is, more often than not, a miserable experience. The calls echo, drop, or have loud, constant static.