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Being rescued
Ronda Rich
Several years ago, a soldier serving in Afghanistan, wrote me a fan letter. I believe, though I am not certain, that his admiration came from having read my book My Life In the Pits. This began an email friendship that lasted for the duration of his deployment and even a bit after he returned home to Arkansas. While in Afghanistan, he wrote that they had a hard time getting magazines and reading material so, periodically, I mailed a box of such to him and even included books of mine about Southern women. After he returned to Arkansas, from time to time, he would email me with questions about women and why we act such a way. One day, he wrote that he had stopped on his way into a building and held the door for a woman behind him. Immediately, she began chewing on him and telling him how she was perfectly capable of opening the door for herself and that she didn’t need his help.