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Bowen Center for the Arts opens new juried photography exhibit
Photographers and community members gathered at the Bowen on July 16 for the Opening Awards Reception of the Bowen’s newest juried photography exhibit. (Photo courtesy of Elizabeth Ann Dalton)

This month, the Bowen Center for the Arts opened a new juried photography exhibition, featuring dozens of photographic works that will be on display at the center through Aug. 26. 

The first place winner of the Bowen’s new juried photography exhibit was "Highway 89: Montana” by Dawsonville’s Tom Reed. (photo by Tom Reed)

According to a press release by the Bowen, the new exhibit is themed “Not all those who wander are lost”, named after a quote by J.R.R. Tolkien.

“These works are profound studies of the theme that show care and thought,” the release said. “The Bowen always enjoys these juried events, and would like to thank all these photographers for bringing such wonderful and inspiring works to our Art Center.” 

37 photographers from three states and 20 cities submitted 127 works to the show, and the show’s judge, Mike Ramy of Atlanta, chose 70 of the submitted works for the display. During the Opening Awards Reception on July 16, winners were chosen to receive prizes from the Bowen. 

The show’s first place $500 winner was Tom Reed from Dawsonville for his work “Highway 89: Montana”. The second place prize of $250 went to Kathleen Gill from Jasper, Ga for her work “Dragging Feet; Jasper, GA”, and the third place prize of $150 went to Michael Amos from Cumming, Ga for his work “Sunrise Stroll; Corolla, NC”. 

Several honorable mentions were also chosen:

  • Nikki Root Dillon from Lilburn, Ga with “Morning on the Marsh, Sapelo II, Sapelo Island, GA”

  • Morey Gers from Savannah, Ga with “Ossabaw Main Road, Ossabaw Island, GA”

  • Jack Anthony from Gainesville, Ga with “Beach Walking, Oregon Coast” 

  • Jim Morganthaler from Athens, Ga with “Greek Widow, Greece” and “UGA Track, Athens, GA” 

The 30 entrants represented in the show include: 

The second place winner of the Bowen’s new juried photography exhibit was “Dragging Feet; Jasper, GA” by Jasper’s Kathleen Gill. (photo by Kathleen Gill)
  • Alpharetta, Ga: Lauren Mallery

  • Athens, Ga: Jim Morganthaler

  • Atlanta, Ga: Reis Birdwhistell, Gail Mitchell, Susanne Swing Thompson, Stephen Weiss 

  • Blairsville, Ga: Deborah Larsen

  • Blue Ridge, Ga: David Goodspeed

  • Canton, Ga: John Quinn

  • Cumming, Ga: Michael Amos, Bert Grant, Brenda Sams

  • Dahlonega, Ga: Joe Bruscia, Linda Davis, Paul Schiemer

  • Dallas, Ga: Joshuwa Cook

  • Dawsonville, Ga: Elizabeth Ann Dalton, Michelle Wittmer Grabowski, Shirley Hawkins, Fred Pember, Tom Reed 

  • Duluth, Mn: Karl Everett

  • Edmond, Ok: Paul Johnson 

  • Flowery Branch, Ga: Dan Rhoads 

  • Forsyth, Ga: Jay Sanders

    BOWEN SHOWS 3.jpg
    The third place winner of the Bowen’s new juried photography exhibit was “Sunrise Stroll; Corolla, NC” by Cumming’s Michael Amos. (photo by Michael Amos)
  • Gainesville, Ga: Jack Anthony, Stephanie Donaldson, Cynthia Todd, Lloyd Unnold

  • Hapeville, Ga: Marla Puziss

  • Jasper, Ga: Kat Alikhan, Gidge Dady, Janice Edens, Kathleen Gill 

  • Lilburn, Ga: Mikki Root Dillon

  • Marietta, Ga: Myrtie Cope

  • Savannah, Ga: Morey Gers

The collection of photos will be on display from now through Aug. 26. The Bowen is located at 334 Highway 9 North and is open from Tuesday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. and on Saturdays from noon to 4 p.m. Admission is free. 

For more information, go to, call the Bowen at 706-216-2787 or email Executive Director Ginny Greenwood at