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There is no such thing as perfect

Perfection is really elusive. Sure, we all want perfect - the perfect body, the perfect smile, the perfect house - and sometimes, we have those moments of perfect, even briefly.

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Beware of new fruit fly

Gardeners who grow fruit crops need to be on the lookout. There is a new invasive intruder that may cause frustration to backyard fruit growers - the spotted wing drosophila.

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Memories of Russian radishes

About this time of year, along the Russian Black Sea coast, radishes can be found in abundance at the open air markets and in all restaurants.

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I always wonder what Granny would do

It had been four months since Granny had passed. Not a day had gone by that I hadn't thought of her.

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Pruning in summer

Knowing when to prune different species of plants is a skill that many gardeners fail to grasp. Many plants have an optimal time or season when pruning should be done.

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Relax, trust and swim with the flow

I had signed my child up for swimming lessons before, several years ago. The first day, he loved it, splashing around in the water, making new friends.

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Controlling vines in the landscape

Summer is a hot time for weed control issues.

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Growing up takes a while to accomplish

My path was crossed the other day by someone I had not seen in a while, and thankfully so.

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Old age is not for sissies

Unlike the masses who started prepping for swimsuit season shortly after the last Cadbury egg or Peep was eaten, I have decided to start integrating an exercise routine.

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Carpenter ant control

Carpenter ants are the largest species of pest ants found in Georgia. They get the name from their habit of chewing wood to create nesting sites. Carpenter ants do not eat wood, they simply excavate cavities in trees and wood products for nesting galleries. These ants can be a nuisance in and around the home because of their large size and sheer numbers.

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Some conversations need not to happen

One of the challenges of raising a child is having to explain the behavior and actions of celebrities. Sure, we can try to shield them from things on TV, but things are a lot different than when I was growing up.

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You have such a pretty face

I heard someone make a comment the other day, a comment that made me cringe inwardly and outwardly as an involuntarily response.

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Giving the guys some credit

I didn't know my father very well, which really means, I didn't know him.

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Corn earworm control

One of my favorite foods from summer gardens is sweet corn. Sweet corn is fairly easy to grow, but many people encounter the frustration of finding corn earworm damage in their fresh produce.

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Becoming a phenomenal woman

I didn't know Maya Angelou personally, but through her writing, her quotes that I loved and saved like cherished heirlooms, I felt like I knew her.

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