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Granny’s way of making me stronger

Granny often lamented that my generation was not made of tough stuff.

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Is anyone listening?

The exact moment it happened was at a large round table in a ballroom of majestic gilt in a grand hotel.

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Rules for political engagement

I yearn for the election years of yesterday. Politics were just not discussed, not even among family.

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The store of memories

There is a country store that sets in the middle of hundreds of acres of farm land embedded with hardwoods and pines that have grown ...

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Begrudgingly holding onto a grudge

The other day, the unthinkable happened.

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By all means, let’s get as offended as possible

I am not the type that is easily offended.

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You can be right or you can be happy

Have you ever noticed how everyone has to be right?

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Non-Southern husband witnesses Southern stereotype

It happened last summer. I had been telling Tink about an adorable town a few hours away.

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