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Letters may be submitted electronically; by fax to (706) 265-3276; or mailed to the Dawson County News, P.O. Box 1600, Dawsonville, GA 30534. Please include full name, hometown and phone number. Letters must be confirmed before being considered for publication. They should be limited to one topic on issues of public concern and may be edited for content, grammar, spelling and length. Letters should be limited to 350 words or less, and the same writer or group may only submit one letter per month for consideration. Names and hometowns of letter writers will be included for publication, without exception. Telephone numbers will not be published. We do not publish poetry or blanket letters, and generally do not publish letters concerning consumer complaints. Unsigned or incorrectly identified letters will be withheld. Letters must be received by noon Friday for Wednesday publication. Letters and articles submitted may be published in print, electronic or other forms. Letters, columns and cartoons express the opinions of the authors and not the Dawson County News.

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